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Things to Do in Lan Ha Bay 2 Days

Sailing amid beautiful islands and islets bring excitement and joy to all vacationers, and top things to do in Lan Ha Bay Cruise 2 Days 1 Night Package can function as remedies to body and mind. Being blessed with the same beauty as the celebrated Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay just appears in a smaller scope with some distinctive features that promise a wonderful voyage. If you question what to do, carry out the following list.

Top Things to doin Lan Ha Bay: Swimming and Kayaking

First, be welcomed aboard Lan Ha Bay Cruises. The Lan Ha Bay Cruise 2 days 1 night aims to offer a fantastic cruising to thrill-seekers who can set sail for the interestingly-shaped islets and islets, plus some stopovers at the beautiful beaches and limestone caves. Before that, you’ll be first welcomed aboard nicely with the welcome drinks as well as cruise briefing and safety instructions. Then, go on checking-in your cabin for a short rest. This is also the time to meet with the friendly crew and make friends.
Next, have meals aboard. Often, the time you get aboard is the lunchtime when meals are ready to serve. While you’re eating lunch, the cruise floats across the spectacular islands and islets for sightseeing and taking pictures.
Then, unwind with outdoor activities in Lan Ha Bay. Swimming in Lan Ha Bay is the first outdoor activity to do, especially in Ba Trai Dao Beach on the first-day tour. In the afternoon, the cruise will take you to the scenic beach for swimming and soaking in the emerald water. Also, kayaking is the must to do.
In the late afternoon, you will be back aboard to enjoy the sunset view as well as the sunset party with fruits and wine. Besides, don’t forget the Happy Hours – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal (17:30 – 19:00). Some cruises even offer the Vietnamese cooking class. You will then have dinner on the board, with the fresh seafood and international menu sets of buffets; this depends on the type the cruise that you’re staying overnight. Celebrate the nightlife with some cocktails at the panoramic bars and music. Or, enjoy squid fishing, massage, movies, or anything that pleases you. Sleep in your cabin.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay Cruise Tour: Discovering Dark and Light Cave

On the second-day tour, the light breakfast will be served on the sundeck, amid the beautiful morning seascape. As an early riser, you will be cheered up by the beautiful sunrise, plus the healthy Tai Chi practice (other cruises might offer Vovinam class).
What to do in Lan Ha Bay Cruise Tour today is to take an explorative trip to Dark and Light Cave on a bamboo boat rowed by the local people. It’s your turn to touch the limestone grotto and see how the light changes. Or, some cruises might provide the option that you can self-kayak through the water cave. Once the cave discovery is done, you’ll be back aboard to complete the check-out steps with the luggage packed, the key returned, and the bill settled down. While you’re eating brunch, the Lan Ha Bay Cruise will move back to the harbor in which you will disembark and transfer to a speedboat. Oftentimes, the drive transfer back to Hanoi will begin at 11:00 – 12:00 if you’re using the inclusive transfer service.
On of important things to do in Lan Ha Bay 2 days is the overnight accommodation. Sleeping in a private cabin is comfortable and delightful while the ashore adventures are exciting almost every second. Sometimes, just being quiet and see how things go in a placid, scenic setting can make you happy. If so, enjoy the joy of doing nothing during the Lan Ha Bay cruise trips that you escape the crowd.

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